Plants that Make your Garden Pop! 

Gardening is a talent as they say. You need a pair of green thumbs to bring a garden to a beautiful fruition. However, that isn’t always the case. Even if you don’t have a green thumb in your body you can still have a beautiful garden. You just need to understand the need of a plant and give that to them and you’re good to go. If you are interested in learning what some things you could add to your garden to help the plants along, click here. 

Garden Pop

In this article you will learn some plants or flowers that will help make your garden look absolutely stunning without getting out the big guns meaning hiring a gardener. This is something you can totally do.  



Lilies is a perfect aromatic flower that comes in many colors like pink, orange, red, yellow and purple. There are two types of this flowers the Asiatic lilies that likes to bloom in summer. The oriental lilies like to bloom from summer to fall and is most aromatic compared to their asiatic counterparts. One downfall of lilies is that rabbits like to eat them. So, you’ll have to protect your lily patched with may be some chicken wire or something that would not allow the rabbits to eat it.  


Sweet Autumn Clematis is another aromatic flower that look likes tiny white stars here on earth. It is a vine that would twine on trellis or arbors or make a pretty groundcover because it will spread out pretty nicely. Its flowers are a collective of tiny star shape that blooms around early fall.


This plant is poisonous all its parts are. However, when you do decide to plant it in your garden. You will find out that it is a plant made for attention. It’s vibrant color of reddish-brown seed pods and the leaves the size of plate has a burgundy or blue green color, depending on the variety of castor bean plant.  


Another ground covering plant that has a pretty good speed in growth and spread. It is a hardy plant that is not obtrusive and refuses to take a backseat from other plants that take in attention. It has purple or white flowers and their leaves take green or silver colors to catch your attention. Some varieties of lamium has leaves the colors are a mix with green and lime.  


Is a late bloomer that likes to show their blooms during late summer. It stems is hard enough that it won’t require you to stake it. It has a beautiful array of blooms the color of amber, mahogany and even the rich gold. Helenium is a show piece that is also known as Helen’s flower.  

When making a garden. It might be a good idea for you to plan out the plants you are going to plant in it. You can opt for a one season bloom plants or you can have aromatic gardens. You can also try to plant flowers that blooms in different seasons so you’ll have a blooming flower all year round.  

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